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School Leavers

We offer a wide range of subject areas, at levels to suit everyone. We aim to provide links between employers and our students, with many of our courses delivered in partnership with industry to ensure we respond to sector skills needs.

Choosing your college may be one of the biggest decisions of your life so far. You might already have an idea in mind of what you’d like to do; you may also have no idea which career path would be the right fit for you.

That’s why now is the time when you need all the information, guidance and
personal wellbeing support available to help make your choice as easy as possible.

Alongside our facilities and high-quality teaching and training, we pride ourselves on our strong employer links not only locally but nationally and internationally enabling students to gain confidence and insight into real working environments, learning first-hand about the sector they are passionate about.

So, whether you’re an artist with a passion for painting, a gamer with strong strategy and problem-solving skills or a builder who likes to get hands on and design new structures, we think there’s never been a better time for you to study at Doncaster College.

Your time is now.

Information and Guidance

As you make a decision about your course choice and ultimately the college you decide to study at, it is really important that you receive impartial and unbiased information, advice and guidance to help you make the right decisions about future choices.

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Supporting your student journey

Your Personal Development

As a Doncaster College student you will benefit from access to skills building as part of your programme of study and  plenty of support to help you throughout your time in College.

During our most recent Ofsted inspection, we were graded Outstanding for Personal Development.

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How You’ll Study

We’re lucky to have a large, well equipped campus, which means we can spread our delivery of lessons and workshop sessions across the full week and deliver to smaller class sizes.

We use a style of education in which you will learn online as well as traditional face-to-face teaching.

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Financial Support

Dependent on your circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for support if you are enrolling onto a course with Doncaster College.

Applying online is quick and easy and you do not need to be enrolled to start your application.

Find out more about our available Financial Support

A student wearing khaki brown clothing and a camouflaged cap reaches toward us as they climb up a wooden-backed climbing wall. Various multi coloured hand and foot holds are positioned on the surface of the wooden wall.

Enrichment Opportunities

As a Doncaster College student you will benefit from access to a wide range of additional learning opportunities, including trips and visits that help to make your time at College both educational and fun.

We believe enrichments develop key social skills, as well as employability & technical skills and are designed to help you have a go at something.

Find out more about enrichment opportunities we offer

International Experiences

We provide opportunities for our students and staff to experience life and work abroad, organise visiting international students and staff work opportunities in Scunthorpe and surrounding areas. We also support applications from international students to study with DN Colleges Group.

Since 2009 we have arranged for 300+ students and staff to experience living and working abroad, visiting places including Troyes and Perpignan in France, Linköping in Sweden, Braga in Portugal and Oulu in Finland. These projects are funded through Erasmus+.

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A group of ten students stand in a line smiling and posing in an airport terminal building. Two of the studens hold bright pink and red suitcases ready for the trip abroad.
Viewed from above, a white table has a few items placed on it including a mobile phone, an open, blank notebook and pencil, a pair of spectacles and a laptop computer opened up to the side.

English, Maths and Digital Skills

The majority of careers require good English, maths and digital skills. As a result, these essential subjects are embedded into every course at every level.

When it comes to digital skills this can worry some people, some of that worry might be around access to a laptop or computer at home.

Lack of access to relevant technology is known as digital poverty, we have worked really hard to ensure no Doncaster College student is disadvantaged as a result of lack of access to digital technology or the internet at home.

Upcoming Events

Information for Parents and Carers

Helping your child decide which option is right for them can be a tricky road to navigate, but we’re available to offer parent / carer information to help you map out their options.

Doncaster College offers a broad range of subjects and progression routes that are supported by employers in every sector. We currently have links with over 800 employers across our region and further afield, so you can be assured that your child is gaining sector knowledge that is so important to them progressing into their chosen career.

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