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The Hub Society

The Hub Society is an inclusive alumni association that allows all our previous students to stay up-to-date with everything happening at Doncaster College and University Campus Doncaster.

Whether you finished studying with us many years ago or you are leaving us this year, you can be a part of The Hub Society and have access to benefits, exclusive events, and the latest Doncaster College news. If you studied a college course, higher education course, apprenticeship, part-time course, or even an evening class here at Doncaster College or University Campus Doncaster, you can sign up and join the society!

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Hub Society


I would never have gained the position I am in now without the experience I have as a chef, and that path started at Doncaster College.

The Hospitality course as well as a lot of the other practical kitchen courses give you a real world taste of working in a restaurant.

Matthew Warton Junior Development Chef at Bakkavor
Black and white photograph of former student, Matthew Warton, dressed in chef clothing, looking down at his cookery work in a professional kitchen setting.