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Financial Education

Doncaster College was the first college in the country to become a Centre of Excellence, awarded by Young Money. The aim of this work is to prepare our students for life in Modern Britain by equipping them with knowledge, information and skills about a range of financial topics.

Financial education is a key part of our Personal Development work and is primarily offered via a series of online modules which were developed in response to student consultation. This work is promoted in Tutorial, during pastoral sessions and at key points in the academic year. Events and activities help students understand the importance of financial education and we will always contextualise this via independent learning.

As an accredited Young Money Centre of Excellence, Financial Champions promote financial education which includes ensuring relevant staff have training and support to embed the subject into their curriculum. The Centre of Excellence programme has a proven track record in helping young people gain a greater understanding of money and personal finance. We are proud to have held this award for three years and have now undertaken the reaccreditation process.

If you would like further information about this programme at Doncaster College please contact Gavin Hinchliffe, Financial Champion by emailing: gavin.hinchliffe@don.ac.uk

If you would like further information about the Centre of Excellence programme please see the Young Money website: https://www.young-enterprise.org.uk/centres-of-excellence/

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