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Looking for short courses to upskill staff? Looking for qualifications for staff? Looking for local provision to meet your business needs?

Why choose Doncaster College?

Doncaster College offers a broad range of full and part-time courses, which includes vocational qualifications or full cost courses. With over 2000 students aged 16-18 years, 1000 adult learners, 950 apprentices and 1000 higher education learners, the College offers provision aimed at ensuring we are the local gateway to employment and Higher Education. In practice this includes students progressing from College into employment and into apprenticeships, as well as into Further and Higher Education to prepare them for employment at a later stage.

Doncaster College works with more than 800 employers every year. We are passionate about the development of skills, knowledge and qualifications aimed at supporting the sustainability and growth of local employers.

With industry experience, our tutors work with employers across a range of sectors providing training, support and industry qualifications to meet employers needs.

Local provision

Doncaster College offers training and development that could meet your needs. We offer local training centres ideal for individuals and employers, as well as the opportunity to train staff in the workplace.


Some courses can be funded and this is usually subject to criteria such as whether an individual is employed or not OR employer size, existing qualifications of individuals. We can advise you what support is available before you apply.

Contact the Business Development Support Team

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