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Construction student tipped to win world title at darts tournament

Posted: 06/04/2022

Doncaster College painting and decorating student Beau Greaves has been tipped as one of the favourites to win the world title at the WDF World Championship competition. Beau is set for her first match on Thursday 7th April with the competition taking place at Lakeside Country Club in Surrey.

Beau started at Doncaster College in September 2021 on the full-time painting and decorating course and whilst Beau is keen on learning a trade and developing skills within the construction industry, she is truly flourishing in her darts tournaments, having recently won the Isle of Man Classic Women’s Tournament she has already secured her place for the WDF World Championship competition in 2023.

Beau first started playing darts 8 years ago due to her brother’s interest in the sport, from something that initially started as a hobby Beau then went onto compete in local competitions, since securing sponsorship Beau has been competing in national and worldwide competitions reaching the semi-finals of the World Championship Women’s darts in 2020 aged just 16.

When talking about the WDF World Championship tournament Beau states “I am a little bit nervous, but I try not to put too much pressure on myself because that is when the enjoyment stops. I would obviously love to win the tournament, but my main aim is to enjoy it and I am really looking forward to the competition”

Doncaster College are pleased to announce a one-year sponsorship for Beau, this will help to fund further tournaments and will go towards travel expenses with competitions taking place in Scotland and even in Denmark. “The tournaments have been on hold for so long because of the pandemic so I plan on doing as many as I can this year and I’m really excited for them”

When speaking about her course and tutor Beau says “I love my course and my tutor Mark is really supportive of my darts, he works deadlines around my competitions and is understanding of my commitments outside of college”

Doncaster College send Beau lots of support and the best of luck in the tournament!