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Doncaster College and Doncaster Council provide students with industry work experience on their doorstep.

Posted: 22/03/2022

Students within the Doncaster College construction department have been given a fantastic opportunity for hands-on work experience right on the college’s doorstep. Doncaster Council and Doncaster College are working together on a renovation project at 1 Chappell Drive. The house, which needs some TLC, will be given a full makeover to bring it back to its former glory, with the hard work of the college’s students.


This project will be undertaken by all occupations within Doncaster College’s construction department, including Joinery, Brickwork, Painting & Decorating, Plastering, Multi-skills, BTEC students and T Level students. This project will allow students to get hands-on real-life work experience within a genuine construction site, providing a great environment for skills and knowledge progression, as well as preparing them for the world of work after the completion of their courses.

The work in the house will be ongoing, meaning, once one area has been used for a task the area will be stripped and the process repeated with the next cohort of students. This will create a wide range of authentic workshops for students to work in and practice their skills.


Steven Palmer, the Community Construction Manager at Doncaster College commented “We are pleased to be working with Doncaster Council in developing new ways to give people the work skills and knowledge that they will need to secure a well-paid job in the construction industry. The property will complement the training that we deliver in college, the building will be used as a real site experience for students that have no industry experience, it will provide an opportunity for students to develop problem-solving skills and to work alongside other occupations, where poor quality workmanship could impact on the trades that follow on. Tasks on site will be scheduled and implemented as they would be in industry, and the work environment will be managed as a commercial refurbishment project.

The experience will be a positive one, for students that are looking for employment in the construction industry.”


This great project for the students at Doncaster College couldn’t have been possible without the support of Doncaster Council, providing the property and supporting the growth of skilled workforce within the Doncaster area. Councillor Glyn Jones, Deputy Mayor, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Business, said: “It was a pleasure to be invited to a guided tour of the repurposed property. I was pleased to meet some of the students who will be able to take part in hands-on learning; hopefully, many of them go on to have long and successful careers in the construction industry.

It seems too good an opportunity to turn down and, on behalf of Doncaster Council, we’re only too happy to assist. Hopefully, this signals the continuation of a successful partnership.”