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Student Volunteers Praised for Holiday Camp Success with Active Fusion.

Posted: 28/04/2021

Doncaster College Sport students took part in exciting volunteering opportunities with Active Fusion’s holiday camps, allowing them the chance to gain invaluable skills and qualifications. Seven students signed up for the placements in which they were given the responsibilities of assisting the coaches leading the sports camps, planning and running their own sessions, and ensuring the camp members were happy and entertained.

This fantastic partnership between Doncaster College and Active Fusion was forged by Work Placement Co-ordinator, Suzannah Lines, who commented “Working with Active Fusion is a dream, they put young people at the heart of everything they do because they believe every child should be given the best start in life.

The partnership extends to helping our College students by offering them great work and life experience, with the chance to gain leadership skills, qualifications and even offer them paid work.

I am so confident when I arrange for my students to go and work with Active Fusion as I know they will gain unmeasurable amounts of experience, meet some fantastic role models, and just have an all-round great time! I am so pleased to have such a strong working relationship with Active Fusion, and I look forward to working with them even more in the future.”

The impact of the camp was clear with the student volunteers, as Doncaster College student Dawid told Active Fusion that “Working for Active Fusion for a week has seen my whole perspective change. I feel that a new career path has just emerged that I could follow to ensure a fabulous future.”

While student, Rodney-John, told the camp “It has been very hard trying to find opportunities to work because of the pandemic. Active Fusion took me on and partnered me up with good coaches to increase my knowledge and allow me to get the most out of this opportunity.”

These camps were a great opportunity for students, and the Doncaster College Sport student volunteers left with glowing reviews from the coaches. Students Dawid, Abbigail, Amy, Rodney-John, Molly-Ann, Conner, and Emily were described as “The best group of young volunteers we have ever had” by Director of Active Fusion, Lindsey James.

One of Active Fusion’s lead coaches also spoke about the Doncaster student volunteers, saying “The standard of Doncaster College work placements which embarked on our holiday provision was of a high quality. Every day they turned up early, full of energy and always ready to go. Each individual worked very hard, supporting pupils and staff, and even taking a lead role within some sessions. There was a real willingness to learn from others and showcase their skills, it was great to see.

They had enthusiasm in abundance and were more than happy to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in to holiday camp life, whatever the task. On one camp, one student even asked if they could attend an extra day to further their own development. It was a pleasure to work with students from Doncaster College. We would really welcome their involvement in the future.”