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DN Colleges Group Reveals Findings of Recent Interim Ofsted Visit

Posted: 28/01/2021

DN Colleges Group welcomed an Interim Ofsted inspection at Doncaster College and North Lindsey College.
The College Group received a call from the Ofsted office in December to announce the Ofsted Interim Visit. An interim visit does not result in any evaluation or graded judgement of a college or change its current Ofsted inspection grade.

The findings on the report received back from Ofsted was positive and contained encouraging feedback with highlights including: ‘Leaders have placed a strong focus on developing a more flexible approach to delivering the curriculum in ways that respond to the future needs of learners and stakeholders.’

The report also highlighted the opportunities that students have when it came to work placements and stated that, ‘Staff work with employers to design virtual opportunities and conduct risk assessments, to ensure as many learners as possible benefit from face-to-face work placements’.

Another statement focused on the work with apprenticeships which involved the Ofsted team speaking directly to employers linked to the Group and reported, ‘Employers said that they value teachers’ flexible response to meeting apprentices’ needs’. Ofsted also commented on the positive work towards online delivery and stated, ‘lead practitioners’ coach and support staff to improve their digital teaching skills’.

Alison Gray (Director of Quality, Teaching, Learning and Assessment) said, “We are very proud of how colleagues have quickly responded to the pandemic and that Ofsted have recognised the action we have taken to ensure that we continue to provide effective support to our students.”

The next full Ofsted visit is expected by the Group and the next call could be imminent. The full report can be viewed via the DN Colleges Group website.