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EXPECT YOUTH – Essential Life Skills Project

Our Forest School Intervention is delivered over a 12 week duration and is part of the EXPECT YOUTH – Essential Life Skills Project. 

Forest School Out of School Club is an intervention programme designed to support disadvantaged children in Doncaster. We deliver an experience-building process that offers children regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands-on learning in a woodland or outdoor environment. The Interventions are child-centered and are deliberately designed to promote the holistic development of the child.

By using a longitudinal approach, we support children to become independent and resourceful learners who can respond appropriately, reciprocate experiences, and appreciate reflection as a key to learning.

The experiences children will engage with include: den building, shelter erecting, fire lighting, cooking, using tools, such as bow saws, peelers and knives, investigating natural woodland, making mud pies and so much more!

Children will be issued with a Children’s University ‘Passport to Learning’, which will be stamped after each week’s attendance and will contribute towards the Children’s University bronze award, with the potential to collect further certificates and attend our fantastic Graduation Ceremonies at Doncaster College and University Centre.

The holistic approach we deliver develops children’s emotional intelligence through the development of: self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy and social skills. Additionally, children develop these attributes through physical and creative opportunities.

Our Forest School Intervention Programme can be delivered on your school site or a site close by.

Expect Youth – Essential Life Skills 

  • Resilience, perseverance and persistence
  • Hard work, self-control, discipline and good time keeping
  • Self-confidence, leadership and team working
  • Honesty, integrity and engaged citizenship
  • Attitude, respect and empathy
  • Curiosity and problem solving

Outcomes for Children & Young People

Experiences and activities will support:
• Resilience, perseverance & persistence
• Self-confidence and self-esteem

Being Active Outdoors will support:
• Social, physical and emotional well-being
• Curiosity and problem solving

Working in groups will support:
• Communication Skills
• Leadership and team working
• Attitude, respect and empathy
• Hard work, self-control, discipline and good time keeping

For more information please contact us on:

Tel: 01302 558201 | Email: Forest.School01@don.ac.uk