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Our Children’s Offer

Doncaster Forest School is designed to support children in the local area over a long time period. It provides a learning experience based on the Scandinavian ethos of Forest School which offers children regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands-on learning on the school site. Forest School programmes are child-centred and are deliberately designed to promote the holistic development of the child

The key objectives of Doncaster Forest School are to:

  • Raise aspirations of children and provide opportunities to experience learning outdoors
  • Develop resilience, perseverance and persistence
  • Support the development of communication skills
  • Promote children’s health and well being
  • Have a positive impact on attitude and behaviour
  • Provide opportunities for team work and leadership
  • Promote curiosity and problem solving
  • Inspire and share best practice

We offer bespoke sessions which must follow the longevity of the forest school ethos to benefit the holistic development of the child or young adult.

Additional we work closely with Doncaster Children’s University where we are a registered Learning Destination. Children who attend our sessions can earn points towards their passports. Additionally, if you have your own Forest School site you too could be registered as a learning destination. If you are interested in your school becoming involved with Doncaster Children’s University contact childrens.university@don.ac.uk.

To discuss the needs of your setting, contact us on Forest.School01@don.ac.uk or 01302 558201