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Rewards and Graduations


Children are rewarded with bespoke CU Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates. The following table shows them all:

Certificates Bronze Silver Gold
Undergraduate Award 30 65 100
Certificate 130 165 200
Diploma 230 265 300
Degree 330 365 400
Postgraduate Award 430 465 500
Certificate 530 565 600
Diploma 630 665 700
Master’s degree 730 765 800
Doctorate Doctorate 830 865 900
Fellowship 930 965 1000


Your child only needs to earn one certificate during the academic year to be invited to the annual CU graduation ceremony held at Doncaster College & University Centre. Just like an adult University graduation, children wear a mortar board cap and gown and are presented with a special graduation certificate. Families, friends and teachers are invited, and we try to make it as memorable as we can with talks from guest speakers and performances where possible. The graduation ceremonies are a proud day for everyone involved, they also contribute towards our core aim of raising aspirations and showing children and families alike that further and higher education is for everyone.

We also work hard on gaining sponsorship throughout the year so we can make the graduations extra-special with things like goody bags for each child and an exciting photo booth with fun props, from which each child receives a printed photo to remember their special day.