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Information for Businesses

If you are a Doncaster business and have an interest in helping raise the aspiration of local children then why not become a patron of Doncaster Children's University?

We welcome any business in Doncaster and beyond to get involved with Doncaster Children’s University. There are a few ways in which you can get your business involved:

Become a Learning Destination

If you offer after school clubs or activities for children and would like to reward them for their participation and encourage others to join in, then become a Learning Destination for Doncaster CU!

Click here for information about becoming a learning destination.

CU in a box

As a business you can work with us on one of our a ‘CU in a box’ projects. This will involve you working with us to develop an activity relating to your business and provide resources (or cover the costs if we source them) that children will need to complete the activity. The full activity pack and resources will be given to schools in a branded ‘CU in a box’ box with your logo on. This is a unique chance for your business to engage with schools and fulfil the requirements of the ‘Doncaster Promise’.

If you are interested in working with us on our CU in a box project, please contact childrens.university@don.ac.uk.

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