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Former Apprentices Reunited 35 years later

Posted: 07/03/2022

Meet former apprentices turned assessors Ian Branford and Gabor Pankovics.

The pair met in the second year of their apprenticeship at Ben Bailey Homes LTD back in 1977 when their foreman put them in a team together at age 17/18. They mostly built housing foundations and external walls. After they finished their apprenticeship, they moved on from the company, forming a small group of tradesmen who worked as a team for around 3 or 4 years.

After this they went their separate ways, moving on to new and different careers, getting married, and starting families. 35 years later the two men are now working together once more, teaching the next generations of construction apprentices.

Ian’s love for brickwork started when he was 14 years old, and now he is 62 years old. “I just love what I do and I’m not looking to retire any time soon.”

Gabor completed his apprenticeship with Doncaster College and returned to the college 17 years ago as a plastering tutor. “I really enjoyed my apprenticeship and now I enjoy teaching the next generation.”

Those interested in progressing into an apprenticeship, are encouraged to get in touch with the apprenticeship team via apprenticeshipsupport@dncolleges.ac.uk